Throughout the ages what was the desired object of those practicing the "art of alchemy?" What was so engaging it held the undivided attention of the sons of art and science? What material caused philosophers, such as Nicholas Flamel, to devote their life to its discovery?

This substance is nothing less than grounded in the possibility of nature and is the very spirit and the soul they felt resided in organic matter, stone, metal and water. Alchemists called this the "essential salt" of the material, and for students of the secret sciences its collection began after decomposing the subject, "opening" the source matter, and releasing its "essential salt."

The gathered "spirit" was a key to health and enlightenment and the completed work commanded such titles as The Balsam of Life, The Blessed Liquor, The Green Lion, and the renowned Stone of the Philosophers. The Hermetic Tracts of true masters were valued and veiled: their understanding was carefully hidden within metaphors and their methods listed non-chronologically. It is no surprise that over time many of the old writings became lost or concealed in private collections or else forgotten.

Here in one book are clear, detailed explanations of time-honored Ormus collection processes.

Including chapters on the history of Ormus, information about the Ormus material and descriptions of miscellaneous Ormus collection processes.

During the 1970's and 1980's David Hudson, an Arizona agriculturist, discovered ORME (orbitally rearranged molecular elements) and found these materials shared characteristics of that "essential salt" sought by alchemists. The knowledge of ORME is a wondrous bridge between the ancient work of the masters and the world of new possibilities. ORME material displays amazing effects on plants, animals and humans.

Others were inspired by David Hudson's results and merged "philosophical processes" with his methods. The offspring of this work also displayed astonishing characteristics and beneficial traits to plants, animals and humans. This is Ormus. It is considered to contain the same material that David Hudson found and the same material that alchemists described as the "spirit of the source."

Although known by only a few, the presence of Ormus in our body appears to benefit life: the physical "body" carries more vibrancy and a stronger constitution, the physical "mind," greater communication with the quantum field of energy. Imagine experiencing fantastic "insights" and enjoying that greater "wisdom."

Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy is one book that no Esoteric library should be without. Do not miss an opportunity to own the book that finally explains the time honored Ormus collection processes.